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Posture DOES matter!

I recently had the pleasure of teaching in Oregon; two riders stuck with me as examples in which very small changes in spine alignment and posture made a world of difference in their sense of self and effectiveness. (These cases are fictionalized).

Roberta is an accomplished rider with a bold and focused approach on horseback. She […]

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Le Pigeon, Portland, OR, 12/4/09

Le Pigeon, in southeast Portland, has a warm, pleasantly disorganized atmosphere with its open kitchen, stacks of preserves on the wall and dessert menu on a chalk board. The room has several tables, some clearly communal and shared by several parties. About 1/3 of the seats are at the bar.

My husband David, and I […]

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Sitka and Spruce

A group of friends and I celebrated my husband’s birthday at Sitka and Spruce. It is the second time David and I had been to this wonderful restaurant hidden in strip mall on Eastlake Avenue.

We started with “hot olives” – a dish of warmed olives with herbs and spices. I was amazed at how […]

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First lesson away from home

Today we ventured out for our riding lesson in Monroe, where my trainer works. Up to today, she had come to my place for lessons. Now I’ll go to her, with the benefit of trailer practice and adjusting to new places for DG and me.  I was quite confident all would go well, given our […]

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Trail riding, again

I am so proud of Donner Girl. Today we took our first trip off-property trailering to Bridle Trails State Park. There I met a friend whose veteran-on-the-trails horse guided us on a relaxed and beautiful ride through fall color (and it wasn’t raining!). Donner Girl was energetic but sensible giving mud puddles a wide berth […]

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Tilikum Place Cafe

I so enjoy it when I go to a restaurant and the following two things happen. First, I am inspired to go home and make a similar dish or type of dish, and second, that I have something that I’d never make at home. Both of these things happened when I joined my husband and […]

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Who needs another food blog?

No one needs another food blog, but why not? I enjoy food and eating and trying new recipes and learning about food chemistry. culture and politics. And I enjoy writing about it. So there you have it.

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Open House Aug 30, 2009

What a wonderful afternoon today! Almost 60 folks stopped by my RiderPilates Open House show casing my new barn and arena (and my new horse, Donner Girl!). I had so much fun talking to clients and friends, new and old. Thank you all for coming.


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Meet Donner Girl

I am excited to welcome Donner Girl to my barn. This pretty 2004 bay mare is by Don Gregory out of Whiskey Girl. Her grand-sire is Donnerhall. She is a nice size, 16+ hands, and has 3 white socks.

I chose this horse out of the sixteen I rode on a whirlwind trip to Europe because […]

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