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Becoming the show veteran

Donner Girl is settling into her job as a dressage horse, and a show horse.

Cantering down the long side. May 2010 – photo by Cindy Cooke

After a few schooling shows over the winter, I ventured out to two recognized dressage shows this spring. […]

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Trader Joes

I went to the relatively new Trader Joes in my neighborhood this week. I haven’t shopped in this store for years. I don’t understand why it is so popular.

I found the produce section to be tiny, with no indication of where the produce came from (those red bell peppers likely shipped all the way from […]

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Carrot salad

Tuesday we joined friends at a new-ish restaurant in Seattle, Cicchetti ( It is a small plates joint (do we really need another in Seattle???), many hit the mark, but not all. One unexpected hit was a Moroccan carrot salad. Last night I made up my own version:

2 carrots, peeled, and then either grated or […]

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Pig Class at The Swinery

A friend alerted me to an unusual event in West Seattle, Friday March 12. Pig Breakdown Class. What? The Swinery, a pig-focused (duh!) butcher and food establishment has been renovating its shop. To help fund the project, they hosted a class on how to butcher a pig.

Chef Gabriel, a friendly and enthusiastic character greeted […]

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DG’s schooling show debut

I ventured out last weekend to an area competition facility to introduce Donner Girl to the show ring.  I arrived midday Friday and took a lesson from the barn’s trainer – which was quite helpful, as DG was a bit wound up in the new environs. But she settled down over the day, and by […]

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Leftovers without borders

Tonight (a Monday):

Leftover spinach and spicy lamb from dinner at an Indian restaurant last Friday

Leftover roasted cauliflower from Saturday

Leftover Morrocan spiced spaghetti squash with pine nuts from Sunday

All with a glass of 2005 Two Barns Oregon Pinot Noir opened tonight. I know, not a leftover. But, after sniffing the bottled opened 3 days ago, I […]

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Trying a Training Level dressage test

I am having so much fun riding this young horse. Every week is different. She is getting stronger every day. Her trot has changed from running on the forehand to moments of really nice cadence and the beginnings of suspension. Her canter is developing balance, and less and less does she slam onto her forehand […]

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2009 Solstice Celebration and Tree Olympics party

2009 Solstice Celebration and Tree Olympics, by the numbers

57 people attended the Glosten/Stutz SCTO this year, ages 4 to well over 50. With 6 per team, 5 teams ran “Team Tree”, with Team 5 taking the gold. Twenty one folks attempted the Caber Tree Toss; the longest distance 24’5″, the shortest, minus 3′. Twenty-seven attempted […]

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