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Becoming the show veteran

Donner Girl is settling into her job as a dressage horse, and a show horse.

Cantering down the long side. May 2010 – photo by Cindy Cooke

After a few schooling shows over the winter, I ventured out to two recognized dressage shows this spring. […]

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Trader Joes

I went to the relatively new Trader Joes in my neighborhood this week. I haven’t shopped in this store for years. I don’t understand why it is so popular.

I found the produce section to be tiny, with no indication of where the produce came from (those red bell peppers likely shipped all the way from […]

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Carrot salad

Tuesday we joined friends at a new-ish restaurant in Seattle, Cicchetti ( It is a small plates joint (do we really need another in Seattle???), many hit the mark, but not all. One unexpected hit was a Moroccan carrot salad. Last night I made up my own version:

2 carrots, peeled, and then either grated or […]

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