Riding Lessons General Information

Beth offers private riding lessons and clinics that apply Pilates principles and mindful movement to the skills of riding.

In a riding lesson, you will bring focus, effective breathing, good postural, and supple movement to your riding. You will learn how your horse moves at each gait, and how you should move with it. This improves timing of your aids and responsiveness from the horse. You will use your body in a logical and healthy way to improve balance and harmony with your horse.



Beth can travel to your arena to teach; a travel fee may be added.


  • Riding lesson at your barn: $65 plus possible travel fee.

At this time I do not have school horses.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help you give. My horse was SO good today, I have never felt a horse be so transformed by what could be described as ‘little’ changes to the way I sit!”

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RiderPilates Clinics

Beth travels to give one to three-day clinics. Check out the Events section of the web site for information about upcoming clinics and how to attend or ride in a clinic near you. Clinics may include:

  • A 2 or 3- hour classroom session that includes a discussion of rider anatomy and function, a presentation of Beth’s Rider Fundamentals (a training scale for the rider), a class of exercises that relate directly to riding skills, and review of video clips of riders demonstrating the Rider Fundamentals.
  • 45-minute private riding lessons for each participant.
  • Optional 45-minute private off-horse movement sessions for participants.
  • Optional exercise class (without lecture).
  • Clinic fees depend on duration, location, and number of participants.

Beth can also present the off-horse portion of her clinics in a stand-alone seminar.
Please contact Beth if you are interested in hosting a RiderPilates clinic. Clinics are usually booked 6-9 months in advance; if you are interested in a clinic sooner than that, contact Beth about available dates. She’ll work to accommodate your interests and needs. Beth works with riders of all levels, but riders with a bit of experience are usually able to get the most out of the lessons.


“Riding with Beth has led to the most positive changes in my riding, and that of my students, of any clinician I have worked with in the 35 years I have been a professional dressage trainer.”

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