Cat with cats!

Last spring I posted a blog about my kittens, Pema and Punna, with photos of   how they “participate” in my RiderPilates group classes.  Pema and Punna arIMG_0984e both much bigger (I mean, much bigger!!!), but are no less enthusiastic about joining with my clients in […]

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Kitten Pilates!

Those of you who frequent my studio for classes or private pilates sessions have met my new feline friends Pema and Punna. They moved from Seattle Humane to join my menagerie in June, 2014, at 2 months of age.

Meet Pema (named for Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun). These are from her first days here.

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“The Riding Doctor” story

I was very excited when, in March of 2013, I signed a contract with Trafalgar Square Books (TSB) to republish my self-published book: Ride in Balance. The subsequent year was spent editing and improving the original book. It was a terrific experience to work with editors and designers with such vast knowledge preparing a book […]

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Mindfulness applied to Movement

My program of teaching pilates took a very positive turn about a year ago, while my life descended into chaos.

Why the chaos? Simple – my husband of over 30+ years announced one Sunday afternoon that he was moving to another city – without me. No discussion, no chance for compromise, absolutely no warning. He was […]

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Posture DOES matter!

I recently had the pleasure of teaching in Oregon; two riders stuck with me as examples in which very small changes in spine alignment and posture made a world of difference in their sense of self and effectiveness. (These cases are fictionalized).

Roberta is an accomplished rider with a bold and focused approach on horseback. She […]

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Open House Aug 30, 2009

What a wonderful afternoon today! Almost 60 folks stopped by my RiderPilates Open House show casing my new barn and arena (and my new horse, Donner Girl!). I had so much fun talking to clients and friends, new and old. Thank you all for coming.


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