Bluette 1992 – 2018

Springborg’s Bluette: 1992 – 2018

Bluette became a part of my life in June of 2001. She was my first horse after injuries had left my wondering if I could ride again. She made it possible.

Bluette was a beautiful and proud chestnut Danish warmblood mare. She had the skills and sensitivity I wanted and needed to […]

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Mindful Riding

Here is an article I wrote for RiderFitness “Helping equestrians to become physically, mentally and emotionally fit to ride”

I have had the great fortune of riding most of my life. When I left the practice of medicine in the context of personal injury, I turned my focus to riding biomechanics – for myself – […]

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Beth samples Meditation

For the past several years I have been studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation, and trying to establish a daily meditation practice. Like many pursuits, it is hard. It is hard to be diligent and disciplined and devote the time each day for meditation. But when I do, I am calmer, happier, and more at ease. […]

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Cat with cats!

Last spring I posted a blog about my kittens, Pema and Punna, with photos of   how they “participate” in my RiderPilates group classes.  Pema and Punna arIMG_0984e both much bigger (I mean, much bigger!!!), but are no less enthusiastic about joining with my clients in […]

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Improve your body awareness, posture, and hip and shoulder joint mobility, for healthy, balanced, efficient riding (or other activity).

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Private Pilates Sessions

Under Beth’s watchful eye, off-horse private pilates sessions help you understand and work with your posture and movement challenges.

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Small Group Classes

Small group exercise classes help you improve your posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility, and have fun doing so!

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Riding Lessons

Riding lessons help find your supported posture allowing you to move with your horse in a logical, rhythmic, and balanced way.

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The Book

A discussion of what it takes to ride well, this book includes basic human anatomy, off-horse exercises, rider stories, and health implications.

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Beth and Bluette

Take time to care for yourself as a rider-athlete, and enjoy your equine partner for years to come.

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