My program of teaching pilates took a very positive turn about a year ago, while my life descended into chaos.

Why the chaos? Simple – my husband of over 30+ years announced one Sunday afternoon that he was moving to another city – without me. No discussion, no chance for compromise, absolutely no warning. He was gone about 4 hours later. I’ve seen him twice since. To say I was in shock is an understatement.

This event led to me talking to all sorts of people, and the value of meditation and Buddhist philosophy kept coming up. I read books, I took meditation classes, I went on retreats. I am hooked.

Mindfulness is such a buzz-word these days, but I do not view it cynically, at all. Being present in the moment is a skill that can anyone can develop. It offers the opportunity for perspective, an opportunity to see the things around you for which you should be grateful, and helps stop the endless, harmful, untrue stories that our brains create (What if…? What if I had…? What didn’t I…? Why didn’t I…? I wonder if…? What will happen when…?).

I am now exploring the application of mindfulness to movement. This is not a stretch. It has always been important to me that clients try to “turn their eyes inward” to feel what their body is doing and learn from that input. Now I’m even more of a believer.

Later this week I am off to a week-long silent meditation retreat at Cloud Mountain: “Insight Meditation with Somatic Movement” taught by Phillip Moffitt and Adrianne Ross. I am very excited to see what is presented.