I was very excited when, in March of 2013, I signed a contract with Trafalgar Square Books (TSB) to republish my self-published book: Ride in Balance. The subsequent year was spent editing and improving the original book. It was a terrific experience to work with editors and designers with such vast knowledge preparing a book for publication. Part of the goal, of course, was to make my book stand out – hence the title.

It took me awhile to buy into it, since I no longer practice traditional medicine, but, I couldn’t argue with the fact that I am a doctor, and I do ride. In the introduction of the book I say:

“I wear the label ‘riding doctor’ when I work with riders and evaluate their balance and functional challenges on horseback. My goal is to help all riders, but particularly those in midlife, understand their bodies and improve their function, so they can enjoy effective and harmonious riding, as well as other activities.”

So, disclaimer – I don’t diagnose, I don’t make medical recommendations. I make riding recommendations!

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The book was released in June, 2014. It is beautiful.