Use the workouts on this DVD to improve body awareness, posture, spine alignment, core strength and body control for improved riding skills.

Beth’s clear instruction will help you perform the exercises safely and correctly to maximize the benefit of your workout time. How you do an exercise is vitally important if you want to improve your body awareness and change unproductive balance and movement habits. Take the time to learn your body’s habits, and how to modify them, so you can do the same while riding.

Ride in Balance with RiderPilates includes:

  • Introduction and background of Beth’s RiderPilates program (5+ minutes).
  • Workout tools – nuts and bolts information to get you started on the right track. This segment includes information about the equipment used in the dvd, as well as a description of the technique of pilates breathing, and the importance of neutral spine alignment for posture and balance (10 minutes).
  • Basic Workout – 34 exercises clearly described to improve your awareness, strength and coordination. The sequence lasts 38 minutes. Here are some sample clips from the segments of this workout:
  • Intermediate Workout – 44 more challenging exercises to further develop strength, balance, postural support and body control. This sequence lasts 43 minutes. Here are more sample clips from the segments of this workout:
  • Preride warm-up – a 10 minute sequence you can do in your barn to prepare for riding!

Price: $20.00

The price is recently reduced from $29.99 to $20.00!

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“Listening to Beth’s DVD, Ride in Balance with RiderPilates, I felt I was in one of her studio classes. Her method and attention to detail ensured I was performing the exercises correctly. This DVD is a great addition to my riding routine.”