Studio Pilates General Information

Beth operates her RiderPilates private sessions out of her house in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

Through Pilates at Beth’s studio you will learn to move and exercise in a mindful and healthy way. Beth applies her medical knowledge to assure a safe but challenging workout. Her past injuries and experience with rehab make her careful and sympathetic to each client’s needs.

Private Pilates Sessions

Private pilates sessions last 50 minutes and are tailored to your individuals needs and goals. Using the wide range of exercises available on the unique Pilates equipment and other props, Beth guides you through different movements and exercises to help you become aware of your posture and movement habits. You’ll enjoy improved core strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance, and suppleness of the shoulder girdle and hip joints.

For Beth, the workout is not just about building strength. It is also about using the body efficiently with mindfulness. Many clients comment that not only are their muscles worked, but their brain is “sore” as well!


Beth uses a “JC 5600” machine built by Balance Body. This unique design incorporates both the traditional Pilates Reformer with the Cadillac, or Trapeze Table.

She also uses the Wunda Chair.

Pilates is very well suited for the equestrian as it enhances balance and posture – skills vital for fun and healthy riding.

Private sessions can be scheduled at any mutually convenient time.


  • Single private: $65
  • 5-pack of lessons: $270
  • 10-pack of lessons: $450
  • Introductory 3-pack of lessons (one time only!): $150

Fees include sales tax; discounted packages expire in 6 months; 24-hr notice required for cancellation to avoid charge.

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Small Group Classes

Beth’s small group classes are temporarily on hold as of June, 2016. Beth is seeking space on the eastside and in Seattle to offer these classes. Stay tuned!

Beth offers small group classes several times a week. Some exercises are based on the Pilates system, but many are adapted to be more relevant to riding and daily life. The classes usually start with a fun sequence of bouncing on a ball, and then include mat exercises as well as those using the exercise ball, free weights, stretchy bands, foam rollers, and other props. The routines emphasize focus, control, core stability and balance. The classes always end with a series of stretches.



Since the classes are held in Beth’s “living room,” size is limited to about 8 participants. This allows individual attention for you to get the most out of your exercise time.

New in 2016! Beth is taking a Mindfulness Teacher Training Program through Mindfulness Northwest. As part of the training, she is offering 15 minute guided meditations after each small group class. Give it a try!

Classes are offered:

  • Monday at 10am
  • Monday at 5pm
  • Wednesday at 5:00pm
  • Thursday at 9:30am

All equipment is provided. Wear clothing suitable for moving — layers work well.

If you are interested in classes, contact Beth to be added to the weekly email list. No prior experience is necessary.

Beth utilizes a flexible system for class participation. A weekly email is sent out to interested folks announcing the classes for the following week. You simply reply back indicating the class or classes you plan to attend. In this way, Beth knows how many people to expect. You do not need to attend the same class time each week.


  • Single class: $20
  • 10-pack of classes: $150

Fees include sales tax; discounted packages expire in 6 months; 24-hr notice required for cancellation to avoid charge.

“Your class is always terrific, but I’m finding the consistently specific core reminders of great value. I like how you prepare us for each exercise in class. I don’t think I really do the exercises correctly without the ever-so-brief refresher each time.”

“One of my main trouble spots is keeping the ribcage pulled down toward the pelvis, and shoulders relaxed. I’m much more conscious of that now that you’re setting us up so carefully for the exercises.”

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